New myRevenge e.V. Home(-page), sweet Home(-page)


We are proud to say “Welcome to our new Home(-page), sweet Home(-page)”. We got a lot of new stuff for you. We made a new team-structure, to find your favorite team easier and quickly. New Features like the new bet system, content for the users and our live streams. Now many of your players got the possibility to play in live stream and show it on our page, so you don’t have to visit other streaming sites, to follow your favorite players.

Our first achievement today, is not only to present a wonderful new homepage aswell we proudly present our new main-sponsor Corsair.

A really nice reputation, and at least the recommendation of TECSTORE.NET (Head sponsor) leads us to this cooperation.
Some information’s about the new Homepage.

There will be a lot of new cool features, and we are looking forward that you’ll enjoy your time on our new base.
Not only bets and sweepstakes are the new features. New Community servers are almost ready!
And at last but not least we want to inform you about the new shop!
Active members will be happy about the new point-system. As more as you do, you’ll earn more credits/ points. The activity points are equivalent to high quality prices.

Come in and find out!

Best regards

myRevenge e.V. Management Team


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