myRevenge e.V. with new female division!


From day to day you can notice more and more Polish teams in the ranks of myRevenge e.V.[Preview_ende]Some time ago, our organization has been enriched by a firing-girls squad in the older version of 'Counter' "namely, Counter Strike 1.6. Team led by Ró?a ' roseone ' ?okaj in the target peaks chose Polish and European female league and offline tournaments. Few months ago, girls were playing under the name GAMEBURG TEAM but they go away and for a time to cease the operation of team. After a month break they decided to return and show, that they are one of the strengths teams the Polish Female scene and access to myRevenge e.V. help them!
Below, girls presented theirself in short:

Ró?a ' roseone ' ?okaj - Team Captain:
Hiii, my name is Rose and I'm 18 years old. My hobbies are rollerskating, drawing and playing in Counter-Strike!
I've been playing for 3 years. My favourite player is my boyfriend - Snax <3.

Marta ' martt. ' Grosman:
Hello. My name is Marta. I'm 18 years old and I've been playing Counter-Strike 1.6 since 2008.
Besides this awesome game I'm playing in Left 4 Dead 2 and Killing Floor a lot.
I love horrors and zombies. PEACE & LOVE. Senoritas everywhere!

Dominika ' nikka ' Wojtanek:
Hi everyone! My name is Dominika and I'm 17. I'm living in typical mountain town - Zakopane.
I'm playing Counter-Strike something about 3,5 years.
I attend to the high school on typical journalistic profile.
My hobbies are: sports (I'm in love with volleyball), fashion, psychology and music.
I'd like to talk more about myself but it's only a short self-presentation smiling.

Aleksandra ' blizz ' ?aszkiewicz:
Hello everyone! My name’s Ola and I’m 20 years old. I am a student of Public Health at the University of Szczecin.
In my leisure time I meet with friends or read a good book. I also like jogging and swimmingtongue
I’ve been playing CS since 2008 and i really love it! I hope that by joining myRevenge we'll be able to play on more tournaments offline! Greetings to all ! smiling

Aleksandra ' F1ORENT11'e ' Timoszek. :
Hello, my name is Alexandra, in game im known as 'F1ORENT11’e'. Im 17 years old. I go to the Dutch school and also to art school in Poland. Im interested in painting and swimming. To game like Counter-Strike 1.6 persuaded me my older brother who was also played in this type of games. My 'career' began in early 2007 and continues until today. Playing with girls we are always going to our designated targets. We spend a lot of time together which makes every day more and more to rip and become best friends, but to game we are approach in one hundred percent serious. Greetings to all fans of myRevenge e.V. POL Female Team, Paulina., szpero and all the girls who play in Counter Strike 1.6. Kiss ;*


Statement of Team Captain:
We're happy that we join myRevenge e.V. This will enable us to further develop and allow us to play the upcoming LAN events. We hope that our efforts have been successful both in our country as well as (hopefully) beyond. Thanks, it's an organization worthy of representation. - Ró?a ' roseone ' ?okaj.

myRevenge e.V.[ is happy with the obtaining of a new female team.
We also hopes that collaborating will be full of profits for both of sides. We will support our contestants, and They will be next pride of the Polish section myR. We wish our new team to often feel the taste of gold after winning tournaments, and success achieved by hard work.


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