16th February 2012
Changes at the 2. Season at the Female League
Hello Female Community, today we can present you a new Sponsor for the 2. Edition of the Female League.
This means that the 20 € registrationfee is omitted.
Also a few other things will change. Here are the facts:

League Server will be provided.

Location: Germany, Poland and Czechia.

There will be coverages about each group and gameweek.

We will stream 2 Matches each week.

Sign in past 30.03.2012 14:00 GMt+1
Start: 02.04.2012

The Groups are at the Modus BO1 mr15
League Groups: 02.04 - 19.04

The Play-off´s are at the Modus BO3 mr15
Play-off´s: 14.05 – 28.05

Prices in the playoffs:

1-st Playoffs:
200 Euro

2-nd Playoffs:
100 Euro

place 3 Playoffs:
75 Euro

place 4 Playoffs:
50 Euro

place 5 Playoffs:
25 Euro

place 6 Playoffs:
25 Euro

place 7 Playoffs:
25 Euro

place 8 Playoffs:
25 Euro

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