31st January 2012
First lottery of the GER myRevenge e.V. Community
Dear users,

the GER Community of myRevenge e.V. starts the first lottery of this year.

Participation in this Contest is free of course!

How can I take part in the lottery?

1.0 First you need to register you on our homepage.
myRevenge Register

1.1 In addition, you must register you on the website of our sponsor

1.2 Participation is then only valid if you have registered on
tecstore Register

1.3 After you have completed your registration, you have to leave here in the >forum< for confirmation a text and your
customer ID of
Default text: here I take part in the competition. My customer number is: 55555

1.4 This will be checked throughout the course carefully so that everyone has the chance to win here.

1.5 After the name of each user receives confirmation, get every user that a lottery number in his mailbox on

1.6 The system is simple because the order of the numbers depends on how the Users have registered one after the
forum for confirmation.
For example if there were 100 participants, each participant receives a number from 1 to 100 (according to the order).

How long do I have time to register?

- An inscription is fixed of 7 days.
From 01.02.2012 0:00 o´clock till 07.02.2012 23:59 o´clock

- Then the numbers are as described in Section 1.5 sent to the user.

How is the competition resolved?

1.7 We will use a random number generator, this evaluates a number.

The price:

- 1x Midi-Tower JCP-H996.B .

- Data: WxHxD: 200x430x440mm • external: 3x 5.25 ", 2x 3.5" • Internal: 4x 3.5 "• Front I / O: 3x USB 2.0, 1x eSATA, 1x
headphone, 1x microphone • LCD display wishes good luck!

Kind regards

The GER CommunityManagement

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