6th August 2011
myR CSS.PT won ESL Speed-on Nightcup #1 Season 2
It began the second season of the Speed??-On Nighcups held on the nights of 5/6 August.[Preview_ende]The team of myRevenge eV CSS Portugal Portugal, participated in this nightcup.
This Nightcup would be a very competitive, good teams were in competition, as the Portugal SEXY's, Portugal Karma, Portugal eQualite, Germany and Portugal Excellence.
Although the level of competitiveness, myRevenge team won every matches without giving any chance and reached the final where they had to wait about two hours for the second finalist.

While we waited we saw a surprise, Germany HardKnocks (German organization) hit the Portugal karma in Overtime and qualified for the final.
Although they are theoretically weak, surprised and showed that they have some value to overcome Portugal Karma Clan of Games so the team of myRevenge not facilitated in the final winning by 16-5.

myRevenge eV CSS Portugal Portugal, won another competition, ESL CSS-Speed ??Nightcup # 5 Season 2


myRevenge 16 - 8 iamSEXY
myRevenge 16 - 7 in7
myRevenge 16 - 5 HardKnocks

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