myRevenge First LoL 5vs5 Turnier #1 by Riot-Games and blue-elph


Our clan myRevenge wants to organize a 5on5 tournament. The date of this tournament is the 18th and 19th February 2011.
The first game will begin on Friday at 18.00 ( UTC +1.00 ). I recommend all teams to appear a bit earlier that we can start on time. Then there will played 3 Rounds in Winnerbracket und 4 in Looserbrackets on Friday. Then on Saturday will play all other remaining matches!

That means this cup will plsy in K.O. System with looserbrackets! All who have questions to this system can tell me that Ingame F1restar or per mail firestar@lol-szene.de

The tournament will sponsored by:

RiotGames, Blue-Elph and Dawn-Server

The prices will changed too.
1. Price 35€ RP pro player + Trophy Ryze Skin pro player + One 11er SnazzyBag + 15 IRC Bouncer
2. Price 30€ RP pro player + One PowerPack (10er Blister) + 10 IRC Bouncer
3. Price 25€ RP pro player + One 3er SanzzyBag + 10 IRC Bouncer
4. Price 10€ RP pro player + 5 IRC Bouncer
5. - 8. Price 5€ in RP pro player + 5 IRC Bouncer

Like the other tournaments we will play with draft mode like in the ranked game. I will post the complete rules in the tournament system.

If anyone has questions you can contact us under the emails firestar@lol-szene.de or crossdead@myrevenge.net or add us ingame F1restar and Crossdead.

How you can join you read HERE or look this VIDEO

Important! All team mates must register on this homepage! Only one must create the team the rest must only join the team under the cup menu „Team beitreten“. Also you must create your Line-Up for the tournament,
because this time only the members, who are in the team line-up will get prices!!!


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