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myRevenge vs aimface
New Year I... - 31.12.2014
myRevenge vs GPlay
New Year I... - 31.12.2014
myRevenge vs aimface
New Year I... - 31.12.2014
myRevenge vs GF
MLP 15 LAN - 07.12.2014
myRevenge vs BOOM
MLP 15 LAN - 07.12.2014
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 New german CS:GO lineup plays!
 Sebastian 'stb'" Kubsch 02.01.2015 
Our new german GS:GOlineup plays today in the new year invitational versus Aimface. We wish the team all the best and good luck for the match! you can check out all infos at

 myR Pixies - Female League of Legen...
 Nicolas 'myR Matalo'" Schlegelberger 12.11.2014 
We are proud presenting you our new League of Legends female team called "myR.Pixies". These girls are highly motivated and they are trying to represent myRevenge as good as possible. They are prac...
 MyRevenge Counter-Strike Female Tea...
  'myR Burnie'" 18.09.2014 
This Counter-Strike is aim to win this Lancraft Tournament. They must fight against 36 other Teams on this weekend. The Tournament starts on Friday and End on Sunday.

These are the teams which are...
 myRevenge LoL Community seaching fo...
 Emanuel 'DiRiTaS'" Carstens 19.08.2014 
Hi everyone !

The myRevenge e.V LoL Community searching for members.

Soo if you are in search for people with you just can play League of Legends or a team that makes the Esports scene unsafe, th...
 myRevenge S.K.I.L.L. SF2 Euro Serie...
 Dominik 'Big_El'" Müller 13.08.2014 
European Union myRevenge S.K.I.L.L. SF2 Euro Series Summer 2014 - Groupstage 2014

We want to announce that our S.K.I.L.L. – Special Force 2 succeeded to qualify for the S.K.I.L.L. SF2 Euro Series Summer 2014...
 Our Partner with an an...
 Christian 'Noir'" Heinrichs 09.08.2014 

Wuppertal, 08. August 2014 - relauncht seinen Spezialbereich für High-End-Gaming-PCs und erweitert somit das Angebot für ambitionierte Pünktlich zu...
 myRevenge win ASUS ROG Summer
 Sebastian 'stb'" Kubsch 03.08.2014 
myRevenge CS:GO DK have won ASUS ROG Summer 2014 with a 2-1 victory over ENCORE.

Congrats to our CS:GO team to the victory in the “ASUS ROG Summer 2014”
The team finished group A as second beh...
 New danish CS:GO Team joins myReven...
 Enrico 'ANNii'" Schütze 21.07.2014 
We are happy to announce a new CS:GO Team. It is a Denmark danish professional Team. Former called "NO SIR" they will play in the future under our flag to be one of the best teams in Denmark. Next to Denm...
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